Our Syndicates

Ollie has several syndicates he runs for Owners who want to get involved in a racehorse directly with him, but want to share the cost with other owners. Ollie can offer some of his racehorses with shares starting at only 2.5% and costing less than £80 per month all in. These are run through Ollie Pears Racing Syndicates and are managed through the SyndicateManager.com system.

The SyndicateManager.com system is ideal for the smaller shareholder, as it manages all of your news, updates, payments, prizemoney and daily information online. However, it still means you get to visit the yard, be an owner at the races and get the full ownership experience! You can also buy a share and set up your monthly direct debits for the training fees all online.

To get more information about the horses available you can view them all now, or why not give us a call and we'll let you know which horses we have available at the moment. All our syndicates are professionally run and you get a syndicate agreement to sign if you decide to go ahead, so you know exactly what the costs will be and how the syndicate is managed. You are also more than welcome to arrange a visit to the yard before you buy your share.

To view the latest syndicates available with Ollie then please visit our syndicate area